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Vindictive women not a good thing I Am Looking Real Sex Dating

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Vindictive women not a good thing

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Did you SEE what she was wearing??

Last night, while having drinks with some ForbesWoman friend backpage miami transexual, one made a statement that stuck with me.

The problem was, having read the coverage of thnig story, the version of the narrative in my head looked much more Mean Girls than Social Network.

So this morning, when my editor recommended I write up a study released this month by the psychology journal Aggressive Behavior that seems to once again use science to reinforce the stereotype of superficial bitches, my interest was piqued. When dressed conservatively, in khakis and a t-shirt, the woman was largely ignored.

It's in the group's best interest, therefore, to punish women who violate the unspoken rule. I know thiing women are often competitive, rude and aggressive to other women. You know it.

But to me, adding credibility to these stereotypes about women gives artillery to our detractors who use this sort of information to reinforce why women will never become CEOs. This sort of information—putting numbers to some of the most base and yes, shameful behavior of the fairer sex—acts as nothing short of cinder blocks chained to our ankles as we try to rise in hot bbw ladies world.

So why would a female researcher be responsible for putting this out there? The hope of revealing prejudices to change behavior involves something called a confirmatory bias, she says, or the human proclivity towards seeking information or evidence to support a viewpoint we already hold.

Last night over drinks I toyed with this same question.

And worse, if I were to write their story, would I be doing women a disservice by calling it how I see it? But enough about me. What do you think?

Should the admittedly sometimes true bad behavior of women be studied and publicized in hopes it helps us mend our wkmen and supposedly evolutionarily-rooted ways?

Or by lending gravitas to these uncomfortable truths are we doing more harm than good?

I spent four years as Forbes' Girl Friday, which to me meant doing a little bit of everything at. As a member of the Forbes Entrepreneurs team, I looked at booming Meghan Casserly Forbes Staff.

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